JSC_RDA Complete Examples

Posted by John Attig, ALA Representative to the Joint Steering Committee

I have created a RIMMF database that includes records based on the RDA complete examples created by the Joint Steering Committee.

This database includes records for the following:

  1. Sets of bibliographic and authority records posted on the JSC website; the latest versions are:
    1. 6JSC/RDA/Complete Examples (Bibliographic)/Revised/2012 [2012/02/13]
    2. 6JSC/RDA/Complete Examples (Authority)/Revised/2012 [2012/02/21]
  2. Additional examples for cartographic and audiovisual resources, proposed, but not yet accepted by the JSC:
    1. 6JSC/RDA/Complete Examples/ALA Rep addendum [2010/05/19]
  3. Additional examples for musical scores and expressions, to be proposed to the JSC.

The cover letter for those examples says: “These complete examples have been created to illustrate the application of RDA to bibliographic and authority data. Each example is expressed twice: as RDA elements and as encoded in MARC 21 format, using ISBD punctuation.”

I have expressed all of these as RIMMF records.  The bibliographic examples have been given as linked Work, Expression, and Manifestation records.  The authority examples have been given as Person, Family, Corporate Body, Work or Expression records.

I have begun to expand the content of this database by creating linked records for all the related entities included in these examples.

Caveat:  These additional records are based on existing AACR2-based bibliographic and authority records.  I have attempted to put the data from those records in the appropriate RDA elements, but I have not always made the data conform to RDA instructions.  This is a first attempt to create a file of records that can be used to illustrate RDA elements and relationships; more work will be required before the cataloging can be said to conform to RDA in all regards.

Deborah and I are putting this set of RIMMF’d examples in this blog so that others may use them to help visualize RDA relationships and to analyze RDA elements and instructions.  The process of creating these records has brought up a number of issues about the application of RDA.  Deborah and I have started discussing these issues, and we believe that this discussion should be shared with a wider audience.  Please feel free to add comments here.  We will create additional pages for specific examples as needed, in order to organize the discussion.

I have posted the database of example records as a ZIP file.  TMQ has created a method for automatically unzipping the file and opening it from within RIMMF. Using this option will open this database instead of your own, and, at the same time, copy this database to a folder in the same place as your own RIMMF data folder, for future reference and manipulation. Click here for the How to share records created in RIMMF instructions for this.

This database is a work in progress, to which I am continually adding.  I will be announcing updated ZIP files using the comments on this blog page.  You can set up an RSS feed to be informed on new comments by clicking on the “comments RSS” line to the left of this screen. Click on the URL in a comment, below, to access the most recent and past versions of this file.

If you would like to edit a JSC resource record set, and share that edited set here, then:

    • copy the set of records to your own folder
    • name the folder something recognisable, e.g., JSC_RDA_[the RID for the Manifestation]_[your library’s OCLC code_your initials]
    • zip the folder and:
      • post the folder on your own web server, and paste a link to the server into a comment on the page for that record set; or
      • send the folder as an email attachment to: deborah@marcofquality.com

As we add individual pages for discussions about specific examples, we will put links to them here:

3 thoughts on “JSC_RDA Complete Examples”

  1. John Attig said:

    The initial version of the JSC_RDA complete examples database (2012 April 9) is available at:


  2. John Attig said:

    A new version of the JSC_RDA complete examples database (2012 June 19) is available at:


    This version contains additional linked records, as well as a correction of “The organization of information” records.

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