This site provides a venue for discussions about RIMMF and the results of using RIMMF to show RDA in action.

We will post occasional and irregular bulletins about RIMMF happenings and our musings on various related topics, at the RIMMF Blog page (Ruminating about RIMMF).

We will also post examples of applying RIMMF, for your inspection and comments, at the Rimmfing Resources page. We particularly welcome and encourage comments there.

We also welcome comments on the RIMMF wiki, at the RIMMF Wiki Comments page.

Should you ever (gasp) encounter a problem with using RIMMF, we have a special comments page for that. Trust us, we aren’t doing it this way to make it easier to ignore your feedback; on the contrary, we hope this will make it easier for us to find and resolve your issues, and, at the same time, inform others about those issues and their status.

We even have a page for RDA questions, although we cannot pretend to be experts on the topic, and will probably have to refer many queries to the RDA-L list.

So, if you are interested, explore:

  1. Ruminating about RIMMF (our thoughts–see the sidebar)
  2. Rimmfing Resources (examples)
  3. RIMMF Wiki comments (since comments cannot be posted on that wiki)
  4. Report a RIMMF problem (this will help us track issues)
  5. Ask a RIMMF question (not to be confused with a ‘problem’)
  6. Ask an RDA question (we’ll see if we can help, or refer you to someone who can)

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