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2 thoughts on “Ask a RIMMF question”

  1. Sharon Ouchi said:

    Using RIMMF 3, downloaded NAF for Conrad, Peter, 1948- but the record came in without the date.

  2. Can you tell me how you downloaded the NAF?

    I just used the Search & Retrieval tool to find the NAF record and imported it, and the date imported correctly, as shown below (the OPAC view of the imported record):

    FRBR Entity: Person
    RIMMF Identifier: qpq00002818
    Authorized Access Point: Conrad, Peter, 1948-
    Status of Identification: fully established
    Source Consulted: His The Victorian treasure-house, 1973
    Source Consulted: His Television–the medium and its manners, 1982: CIP t.p. (Peter Conrad) data sht. (b. 11.2.48)
    Preferred Name for the Person: Conrad, Peter
    Date of Birth: 1948
    Identifier for the Person: LCCN n 79055190
    Identifier for the Person: (DLC)n 79055190
    Identifier for the Person:

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