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In my hunt for examples of applying RDA minus MARC (for future workshops) I’m trying to rimmf a resource once a day. It is actually very interesting, but every now and then (more often than I like to say) I run into an issue that I cannot solve, or that I’m simply just not quite sure about.

So I’m going to try the crowdsourcing approach 🙂

This Friday Feb 22, 2013 at 11AM (ET, i.e., Florida time) I will host a live, online, GoToMeeting session for up to 25 attendees, during which I will rimmf a resource that is a new edition and ask for group discussion on the following issues:

  • Variant Title (Manif) -> Variant Title of Work -> Variant Access Point (Work)
  • Making a Work record when you don’t have the 1st edition in hand
  • Choosing a Preferred Title when the title on the previous edition was not the same as the title on the edition in hand
  • Making a Variant Title for the title not chosen as the Preferred Title
  • Making Variant Access Points for all the various Variant Titles
  • Indicating a NACO Authority Record as ‘Source Consulted’
  • Making a link for Revised as (Expression) and Revision of (Expression)
  • How all of these Relationships and Access Points might affect searching in a MARC-less environment

If any of this sounds interesting to any of you who might be following this (very irregularly updated) blog, send an email to (deborah@marcofquality.com) and I’ll send you an ‘invitation’ to join the GoToMeeting session. I have seats for 25, so ‘sign up’ early.

If you have never attended a GoToMeeting Session, you can test your ability to do so by going here:


If you would like to try your hand at rimmfing the resource in question, before the day, here is the title page and verso of that resource:

Florida gardening (TP)

Florida gardening (TP)

Florida gardening (verso)cr

Florida gardening (verso)cr

I hope at least a few of you will attend, and brainstorm with me!