Welcome to the first ever post to the ‘official’ “RIMMF Notes” blog.

RIMMF is ready at last!

We have made it downloadable at the RIMMF wiki, which also provides a fairly comprehensive “User Guide“. Work will, of course, be ongoing on this user guide.

You can track comments about various aspects of the RIMMF wiki, here at our RIMMF Wiki Comments page

We have also started working on sharing some examples of applying RDA thinking to resources; you can find the first of these at our Rimmfing Resources page.

But rather than repeat everything I say there, why don’t I just refer you to the RIMMF Home page, where you can read all about what we hope to do with this new site.

I’ll just close this first post, by saying I think RIMMF puts the ‘fun’ in RDA, so I hope you will give it a go, and let me know whether you agree with me, … or not 🙂