RIMMF a resource with TMQ: New editions


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In my hunt for examples of applying RDA minus MARC (for future workshops) I’m trying to rimmf a resource once a day. It is actually very interesting, but every now and then (more often than I like to say) I run into an issue that I cannot solve, or that I’m simply¬†just not quite sure about.

So I’m going to try the crowdsourcing approach ūüôā

This Friday Feb 22, 2013 at 11AM (ET, i.e., Florida time) I will host a live, online, GoToMeeting session for up to 25 attendees, during which I will rimmf a resource that is a new edition and ask for group discussion on the following issues:

  • Variant Title (Manif) -> Variant Title of Work -> Variant Access Point (Work)
  • Making a Work record when you don’t have the 1st edition in hand
  • Choosing a Preferred Title when the title on the previous edition was not the same as the title on the edition in hand
  • Making a Variant Title for the title not chosen as the Preferred Title
  • Making Variant Access Points for all the various Variant Titles
  • Indicating a NACO Authority Record as ‘Source Consulted’
  • Making a link for Revised as (Expression) and Revision of (Expression)
  • How all of these Relationships and Access Points might affect searching in a MARC-less environment

If any of this sounds interesting to any of you who might be following this (very irregularly updated) blog, send an email to¬†(deborah@marcofquality.com)¬†and I’ll send you an ‘invitation’ to join the GoToMeeting session. I have seats for 25, so ‘sign up’ early.

If you have never attended a GoToMeeting Session, you can test your ability to do so by going here:


If you would like to try your hand at rimmfing the resource in question, before the day, here is the title page and verso of that resource:

Florida gardening (TP)

Florida gardening (TP)

Florida gardening (verso)cr

Florida gardening (verso)cr

I hope at least a few of you will attend, and brainstorm with me!


RIMMF is featured in Rudimentary RDA workshop


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We show RIMMF in our Rudimentary RDA workshop, to illustrate how future cataloging software might operate, and to show different RDA is in action vs in theory.

This workshop is a very basic introduction to RDA, and is the first in our new series of cataloging workshops, designed specifically for RDA. You can find out more about the workshop here, including scheduled sessions.

Free online modules that are the recommended pre-requisites for the workshop are available here:

Rudimentary RDA. Part 1, What RDA is and When it Will Happen (TMQ)

We are offering it as an OCLC Training webinar on Nov 14-15, 2012 (2 x 3 hr sessions) and you can find out more about this webinar here:

Rudimentary RDA. Part 2, Why we need RDA, and How to Prepare for it (TMQ)

RIMMF is featured at an LC “Digital Future and You” session

On May 3, 2012, we had the honor of presenting RIMMF to over 100 LC staff members as an LC “Digital Future and You” session. The room was packed to overflowing, and the session was well received.

LC has posted a video of the session here:


LC then had us do a similar presentation at the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim, as the “National Libraries RDA Forum” on Saturday morning (June 23, 2012). The room was packed to overflowing again, and again the session was well received.

Both of these sessions have been incredibly inspiring for us, and we are continuing to work on RIMMF improvements–concentrating right now on MARC mapping.

RIMMF is ready!

Welcome to the first ever post to the ‘official’ “RIMMF Notes” blog.

RIMMF is ready at last!

We have made it downloadable at the RIMMF wiki, which also provides a fairly comprehensive “User Guide“. Work will, of course, be ongoing on this user guide.

You can track comments about various aspects of the RIMMF wiki, here at our RIMMF Wiki Comments page

We have also started working on sharing some examples of applying RDA thinking to resources; you can find the first of these at our Rimmfing Resources page.

But rather than repeat everything I say there, why don’t I just refer you to the RIMMF Home page, where you can read all about what we hope to do with this new site.

I’ll just close this first post, by saying I think RIMMF puts the ‘fun’ in RDA, so I hope you will give it a go, and let me know whether you agree with me, … or not ūüôā